Privacy Policy

When I click on a site's privacy policy, my eyes usually glaze over as I'm hit with a wall of legal text, and before long I just resort to searching for the word "partners" or something similar so I can find out whether they're going to sell my email address, because really, that's all I'm there to learn. So I'll keep this short and simple.

When you sign up for my newsletter, I collect your email address, plus your first and last name if you choose to provide it. I use this information to send you updates about my books, including emails about my new releases, special deals and promotions that involve my books, and periodic news about what I'm up to. I will never sell, trade, or give away your email address. People who sell email addresses should have their internet access revoked.

Your information is stored with my mailing list provider, MailerLite. You can read their privacy policy here. MailerLite tracks which emails you open, when and on what device and app you open them, and which links you click. They have the ability to use the information you provide when you subscribe to find and collect additional information about you, such as demographic information, devices and browsers used, IP address, social media accounts, and information about how you typically use the internet. I use this information to help improve my list (for example, seeing which emails subscribers are most interested in reading). I don't use it for anything else. I'm not going to track you down on social media. If you unsubscribe from my newsletter, by default MailerLite will keep a record of the information you've provided and the activity they've tracked. This makes it harder for you to get accidentally resubscribed to the list if you unsubscribe and then sign up for a contest or free-book giveaway that would ordinarily subscribe you. Note: MailerLite does its best, but it does sometimes guess wrong about whether someone wants to be resubscribed. I wish I could tell you why, but they don't let me see under the hood. If you got resubscribed when you didn't want to be, I apologize! Contact me directly and I'll get you unsubscribed again. If you've unsubscribed and want to resubscribe but it isn't working, you can subscribe again through this website or contact me. If you want your data permanently deleted, contact me directly.

If you signed up to what is now my YA-only list, and did not unsubscribe, your information is stored with MailChimp. You can read their privacy policy here. MailChimp tracks which emails you open and which links you click, and has the ability to use the information you provide when you subscribe to find your social media accounts. If you unsubscribe from this list, by default MailChimp will keep a record of the information you've provided and the activity they've tracked. I periodically delete unsubscribed contacts' information from MailChimp. If you want to make sure your data is deleted right away, contact me directly or MailChimp's privacy policy to learn how to ask them to delete this information.

When you visit my website, I can see how many people visited each page of my website, what country they're browsing from, what operating system and browser they're using, and how they got here. That's it. I don't know a single other thing about you. I have no idea how to find you on social media or what you were browsing at 3am last Tuesday. Enjoy this rare oasis of privacy.

When you click on a link to one of my books, it takes you to Books2Read (even if it then automatically redirects you to an ebook retailer). I can see how many people have clicked on the link, and how many people went on to visit each ebook retailer from that page. You can read their full privacy policy here.

That's it! I hope that wasn't too painful. If you want something more fun to read after that, I've got you covered :)