Privacy Policy

When I click on a site’s privacy policy, my eyes usually glaze over as I’m hit with a wall of legal text, and before long I just resort to searching for the word “partners” or something similar so I can find out whether they’re going to sell my email address, because really, that’s all I’m there to learn. So I’ll keep this short and simple.

When you sign up for my newsletter, I collect your email address, plus your first and last name if you choose to provide it. I use this information to send you updates about my books, including emails about my new releases, special deals and promotions that involve my books, and periodic news about what I’m up to. I don’t use this information for anything else. I will never sell, trade, or give away your email address. People who sell email addresses should have their internet access revoked.

Your information is stored with my mailing list provider, MailChimp. You can read their privacy policy here. MailChimp tracks which emails you open and which links you click. If you unsubscribe from my newsletter, by default MailChimp will keep a record of the information you’ve provided and the activity they’ve tracked. See MailChimp’s privacy policy to learn how to delete this information.

When you visit my website, a WordPress plugin called Jetpack records your IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, URL of the page you’re visiting, URL of the page you came from, time of visit, browser language, and country code. Automattic, the maker of Jetpack, deletes this data after 28 days.

I don’t have access to this information. Jetpack uses this information to tell me how many people visited my website on any given day, how many views each individual page has gotten, how many people have reached my site from a particular website (for example, Facebook), what search terms people have used to get to my site, and how many clicks each of my links have gotten.

That’s it! I hope that wasn’t too painful. If you want something more fun to read after that, I’ve got you covered 🙂