Monthly Archives: May 2013

Elle Casey’s Springtime Indie Book Giveaway

Back in January, I participated in one of Elle Casey’s massive indie book giveaways. Now she has another one running, and it’s even bigger, with 190 different books to give away! I’ve read some of the others, too, and they’re worth reading. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend Treehugger by Kea Alwang (fun YA sci-fi that perfectly expresses that homesick feeling of wanting to find the place where you belong), Susan Kaye Quinn’s Debt Collector series (dark uncategorizable cyberpunk/urban-fantasy-ish serial that singlehandedly converted me from disliking the whole idea of serials to wanting to read more of them), and Contributor by Nicole Ciacchella (refreshingly different YA dystopia with superb worldbuilding).

From now until May 15th, enter to win a copy of The Torturer’s Daughter (ebook or signed paperback) and a ton of other books here: