It’s HERE!!

I may or may not be bouncing around the room like a crazy person right now. 😀

The Torturer’s Daughter is available now on Amazon (for Kindle): The Torturer’s Daughter on Amazon

And on Smashwords (for all other devices): The Torturer’s Daughter on Smashwords

It should be available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo shortly – as soon as Barnes & Noble works out some technical problems on their end, and I work out some problems on my end with the Kobo edition.

If you’re holding out for a print edition, it should be coming out before the end of the year! Sign up here to find out when it’s available.

(It looks like people are enjoying it already – it’s made it to #3 in hot new releases in the “Parents” category, and #4 in hot new releases for the “Values” category! 😀 )

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